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You are more than just the sum of your parts. At the Chambers Center by PALM Health, we are dedicated to a holistic approach to wellness that considers the whole picture of you: mind, body, and spirit. The Chambers Center by PALM Health is a state-of-the-art personalized medicine clinic and wellness club offering a comprehensive range of medical, preventive care, mental health, fitness, nutrition, spa, and therapeutic services to improve overall well-being.

Our team of doctors and dedicated specialists are all under one roof, using the latest advancements in medicine and a concierge model to specialize in you. It’s why PALM stands for what we stand for: Personalized Advanced Lifestyle Medicine.

Integrative Medicine

What We Stand For

We use a personalized approach and a concierge model to focus on your individual health. Our doctors spend time getting to know you and review an extensive and thorough history of your health in order to customize your treatment to your needs. Our personal trainers, dietitians, massage therapists, and estheticians tailor their services to your goals and preferences in order to help you reach sustainable well-being.

We use cutting-edge lab tests and the latest advancements in technology to help you achieve your health goals. From state-of-the-art Technogym® equipment to advanced Boston Heart Diagnostics® labs, we strive to give you access to the best quality tools so you can lead the healthy life you want to lead.

Sustainable well-being starts with a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook. Assessing your diet, exercise habits, living environment, relationships, social life, outlook, and personality gives us a fuller picture of who you are as an individual and helps us recommend changes that you can implement to reach and sustain well-being.

Our team of doctors and dedicated specialists are hand-picked leaders in their field who combine the best of conventional medicine, functional medicine, and wellness therapies to help you achieve your health goals. Our doctors and nurses coordinate your care with our coaches, counselors, and fitness, nutrition, and spa providers to give you the support and guidance you need.

All Under One Roof

Our doctors and dedicated specialists are all under one roof, coordinating your care and giving you the support you need across a variety of disciplines.

Medical Care


Coaching & Training


Body & Beauty


Wellness Therapies

Concierge Medicine


Our membership model allows us to offer a greater degree of excellence to our members. To help you choose a membership and navigate your way through our services after you join, we provide you with a PALM Navigator team, who listens to your concerns and makes recommendations based on your goals.

We are a members-only facility. Non-members may still access our educational seminars for free. All classes and services require an Experience Pass or membership.

Download our overview booklet for more information.

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Setting SMART Goals

October 21 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Holistic Medicine

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