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Class Schedule

Browse our weekly schedule of classes and activities below. Select the class of your choice and click “sign up” to create a quick profile and register for the class. All classes are free, now through May 31!

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Activities and Classes

Fitness and Movement Classes

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Cardio Cycle

Pump it up on stationary bikes with this high-intensity, low-impact, calorie-burning class geared to push you to improve cardiovascular conditioning while having fun.

Cycle & Sculpt

This class combines high-intensity indoor cycling and resistance exercises to help define long, lean muscle.


This flow class begins with an active practice. After working on strength and balance, the flow will become restorative, thus helping to rebuild the muscles you worked.

Full Body Sculpt

Work the whole body in this full-body sculpting class. The use of props will offer a variety of exercises aimed at working everything, from the core to the limbs.

HIIT & Core

Engage in this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class with an additional focus on core strength. Quick, intense bursts of exercise are followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

Kinesis, Cardio & Strength Interval Training

Increase your aerobic capacity and tone your body as you alternate between strength equipment and cardio equipment in this upbeat interval class.

Metabolic Boost

Boost your metabolism in this 30-minute class that incorporates full body exercises with little rest in between to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate.

Power Flow

This class’ smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing and increases endurance. Power flow is best if you are already physically active, comfortable with the basic vinyasa postures, and appreciate a healthy sweat.

Conditioning and Restoration Classes

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Active Stretching

Gain greater flexibility and range of motion in this active stretching class. This class is ideal for anyone seeking to combat everyday stiffness, cross train, or incorporate more stretching into their routine.

Beginner Flow

This introduction to flow class will incorporate a series of poses to help lift your body, mind, and spirit. This class will help you enhance strength and balance, restore energy, and let go of stress.

Pilates Mat

Optimize flexibility, balance, and alignment with core-strengthening Pilates exercises. This no-impact class is a great way to work on the stabilizer muscles that carry us through the day.

Awareness Classes

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These meditation classes rotate through various practices that focus on intentional meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative approaches. Our techniques will allow you to calm the tensions and struggles in your thoughts, become more aware of your senses and surroundings, and help you to experience an increased sense of well-being. Unless otherwise noted, all meditation classes take place in the Salt Room, in which case robes and sandals are required (robes over your everyday clothing are permitted).

Meditation: Breathing and Relaxation

This meditation class is an ideal introduction for beginners looking to experiment with meditation, but equally interesting for an experienced meditator looking to have a firmer grasp of the core principles that underlie all meditative and contemplative experiences. This meditation class will focus on breathing and relaxation.

Meditation: Silence of the Mind

This meditation class integrates concentrative meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative approaches. This technique will allow you to calm the tension and struggles in your thoughts, helping you to experience an increased sense of well-being. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in meditation and contemplative practices.

Meditation: Union with Nature

This meditation class is focused on deepening our sensitivity to the world and ourselves. By learning how to open your five senses, you can deepen your natural connection to the world, which will help alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in meditation and contemplative practices.


This class uses rhythm and coordination exercises to bilaterally activate and stimulate the brain’s natural ability to form new connections which promotes creativity and helps people adapt to changes in one’s environment and physical condition.

Enrichment and Seminars

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Afternoon Seminar

These are informal afternoon seminars that address current topics and issues in health, ranging from immune health to the human microbiome, from skin care to nutrition.


Participate in hands-on experiences in our interactive workshops, which range from painting to multimedia collaging to terrarium planting to chiropractic stretching.

Community Event

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