Elimination Diet Group Visits

Coming soon!
60–120 Minutes

  • Sharon Katzman, MS, RDN

  • Medical and Total Advantage members and Resolve Inflammation Program participants only

  • Requires member to be an established patient in the PALM Clinic

  • PALM submits to insurance. You are responsible for the copay or deductible and any balance unpaid by insurance if the provider is out-of-network.

The body sometimes develops sensitivities to specific foods that are eaten frequently, causing health problems. The Elimination Diet provides a structure to uncover foods that may be the culprits and heal the lining of the digestive system. Research shows that individuals are more successful with group visits than private visits in achieving health goals. Elimination Diet Group Visits not only provide a supportive environment with other individuals who may share similar experiences and struggles, but also allow for more frequent check-ins with a medical provider. The functional medicine provider will be present during each group visit.

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