Giovanni Campanile

Giovanni Campanile, MD, FACC


Dr. Giovanni Campanile has been practicing integrative cardiology for over 15 years and received his cardiology and interventional cardiology training at Harvard Medical School. He is quadruple board-certified in internal medicine, cardiology, and interventional cardiology, and by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

Dr. Campanile actively contributes to academic learning and medical research as well. He is assistant professor of medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and has been an instructor for doctors specializing in cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and Columbia University Mount Sinai, Miami. He has been an instructor of nutrition, herbology, and integrative medicine at Florida Atlantic University, and is a certified aromatherapist.

Dr. Campanile was a researcher at the world-renowned Framingham Heart Study and is currently investigating integrative modalities with the National Institutes of Health, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Duke University, and Yale University.

He was a cardiologist for former President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, and he is a contributing editor and medical writer for Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines.

Dr. Campanile has been named “Top Doctor” in cardiology by New Jersey Monthly magazine for multiple years.

Approach to Care

“My approach to medicine is to choose the best and safest modality for each individual patient, from both the modern traditional medical sciences and the naturopathic integrative world.”

Patient Focus

“My goal is to avoid unnecessary testing and treatments by placing the patient at the center of the care and decision-making.”

Integrative Medicine

“An integrative approach results in the best outcomes. I believe each patient’s story is unique, and I consider all of the factors in their individual environment and lifestyle that may be influencing their well-being. Nutrition and lifestyle factors are the cornerstones of this practice.”

Functional Medicine Focus

“Wellness is not simply the absence of disease, but a positive energy emanating from each of us. If given the chance, our genes are designed to give our bodies remarkable healing capabilities, and we need to create the environment for our bodies and spirits to be well.”