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The Core Four


This workshop will focus on four principles — proximal stability, joint centration, motor control, and strength-endurance — of movement and stability that serve as the foundation for developing a more stable core, improving function, and limiting the risk for injuries. Join us for this practical-based workshop with Dr. Jason Levy as he dives into specific core exercises and movement patterns commonly prescribed to improve exercise and fitness tolerance.

The Core Four2020-01-15T11:48:33-06:00

Well-Rounded Fitness Plan


What does a complete exercise regimen look like? Jonathan Davalos, CSCS, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the Chambers Center, will discuss the different elements that should be incorporated into a well-rounded fitness plan, such as aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and stretches for flexibility.

Well-Rounded Fitness Plan2019-08-01T14:20:30-06:00

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