Stretching Best Practices


Why is stretching so essential? What’s the best way to do it quickly and effectively? Come learn about the benefits of stretching and the most useful stretches for all the major muscle groups. Personal trainer Jonathan Davalos will help correct form and posture during this practical session. Please wear comfortable clothing to move around. Free to attend and open to the community.

Stretching Best Practices2019-07-12T10:26:01-05:00

Where Do Thoughts Come From?


Where do our thoughts come from? How can we use this awareness to improve our overall health and well-being? Join certified well-being coach Christina Mengert for a discussion on the process of thought, including the three steps of thought, our outlook, and the pathways in our brain. Free to attend and open to the community.

Where Do Thoughts Come From?2019-07-03T16:14:19-05:00

What is Lifestyle Medicine?


Learn how to take control of your health with lifestyle medicine. Dr. Rekha Mandel, our primary care and lifestyle medicine physician, will address how to prevent and treat illness by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones, such as eating nourishing foods, managing stress, staying physically active, getting plenty of sleep, and developing a strong support system. Free to attend and open to the community.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?2019-06-28T16:24:41-05:00

Anthropedia Well-Being Training Program Info Session


The Anthropedia Foundation is bringing its innovative Well-Being Training Program to New Jersey! If you are interested in developing your own well-being or becoming a certified well-being coach, please join us for an information session at the Chambers Center by PALM Health to learn more about this unique program.

Anthropedia Well-Being Training Program Info Session2019-06-27T08:36:00-05:00

Nutrition for Immune Support


Join registered dietitian Sharon Katzman for a discussion of the basics of nutrition and how a balanced, healthy diet can help ward off infection, prevent certain health problems, and improve overall well-being. Free to attend and open to the community.

Nutrition for Immune Support2019-06-07T06:41:21-05:00

You Are What You Eat and Other Secrets to a Long Life


The old adage, “You are what you eat,” traces back to a 19th-century French gastronomist. Unfortunately, in the nearly 200 intervening years, many of us seem to have lost touch with this common-sense advice, as poor eating and stress-related habits have resulted in high levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and other health problems.

You Are What You Eat and Other Secrets to a Long Life2018-08-10T17:55:29-05:00

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